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We have offices in St. Julians, Malta; Copenhagen, Denmark, and Marbella, Spain these serve as the main hub for GIG Media. Read on to find out more about each office, and what makes it special.

GiG Media

We’re a global animal proving flexible in our arrangements with how and where we work. There are GiG Media globetrotters worldwide. You can find us in Bali, the Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Greece and the US. These are just some of the different locations our people work from! With us, you’ll be able to work with many different people from around the world.

What positions are open?

We’re in agreement with the Olympic motto: Swifter, stronger, higher. In GiG Media it’s normal for us to grow revenue every quarter, and it’s safe to say we are continuously expanding our operations and our market reach. If you think you have the right skills to be part of a high-performing team, apply to join us!