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Thinking local and acting global. GiG Media operates an array of affiliate websites targeting a global audience. In addition, we have our famed GiG Comply complementing our well-developed Marketing Platform foundation, with several products assisting and empowering all our employees in their daily operations.

Our Websites
World Sports Network (WSN) - is GiG Media’s US-facing portal, providing accurate and up-to-date information about sports betting in regulated and soon-to-be-regulated states. The site features match previews, sportsbook reviews, in-depth sports data from all major sports, and the latest bonuses and promotions from all our sportsbook partners. Add some industry news and podcasts and you got it nailed.
King of the kings, our flagship casino website targets a worldwide audience, with dedicated languages in 23 separate markets: English (ROW, UK and US) German, German-Austira, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Romanian, Schweiz (German), Norwegian, Schweiz (French), Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Canadian (French), Indonesian, Thai, Greek, Malaysian and Canada. Connecting millions of visitors every year with over 400 casinos, is one of the leading affiliate sites in the market - renewed for the high-value players we generate for our partners. covers everything from casino reviews to game reviews, strategy pages, industry news, and the latest bonus offers.
Casino Top Online
GiG Comply
GiG Comply is our marketing compliance tool. The product scans web pages for content and links across multiple jurisdictions to uncover sites that are not compliant according to market regulations. Think of GiG Comply as the knight in shining armor that protects players and operators in the industry. We are very proud of GiG Comply as it shows our commitment to responsible gaming, a prerequisite for having a sustainable industry and business.
GiG Comply
Marketing Platform
MarTech was developed and is constantly maintained by a large group of talented developers and DevOps. This proprietary marketing technology enables us to win in the market. If you think robots doing some of our work, then you are on the money!

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Keeping our Olympic motto: Swifter, Stronger, Higher, in mind, at GiG Media it is normal for us to grow revenue every quarter, and it’s safe to say we are continuously expanding our operations and our market reach. We are always looking for talented people to help us grow our products and our business. If you’re interested in joining a high performing team, check out our open positions.